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About us

We produce great brands to put you in the spotlight

Who we are?

Lift is a team built of talented designers, experienced digital marketeers, genius developers and established fitness professionals. We have joined forces to create the ultimate digital marketing service and experience for companies and professionals in the fitness arena.

What we do?

We work closely with our clients to create brands, websites and marketing materials that make an impression. As a team we offer everything from Logo design and Letterheads to custom built Websites and Content Plans. We use industry leading methodologies to unlock your brand's potential.

Why choose us?

Having a team built of both digital and fitness professionals that have vast experience of both categories sets us aside from the competition. We understand what it takes to be successful in the fitness industry and know how to design effective brands collateral that gets results.

We understand the importance of a great profile within the personal training, sports and fitness industry.