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It's no secret these days that social media can play a huge part in your personal fitness brand. We have met numerous fitpros that have a large following across social media and they have managed to make a career through having their following. Is having a social presence about yourself or your journey arrogant, does it make them self obsessed? Nope - it makes them smart, and here's why!

Be a brand ambassador

You can make money through social media, but not directly through social media. You make money by utilising your audience. Depending on the size of your following, you could earn money by promoting products on behalf of different companies. Companies will pay to hit an audience, and if your audience is big then they are most certainly opening themselves up to lots of new opportunities. If you want to earn money through a social media following, just be sure that you choose products that you genuinely believe in. You will not want to become known for somebody that will literally push any product as you will begin to lose respect from your loyal followers.

Instead of physically paying you, you may be able to receive free products as part of the exposure you can offer a brand. This is also a fantastic deal, especially if you already use or stand by the products being offered to you.

Being an ambassador works perfectly for both you and the brand. The brand gets opened up to your audience on a regular basis by you posting about them. You will also see your social following grow due to being associated with a brand, especially if that brand is well known.

Online training

Please note, before adhering to any advice in this next passage be sure that you are qualified to give fitness and nutrition advice. Seeing as you are or want to be a fitness personality with a following, presumably you know what you are talking about when it comes to training and nutrition right? Why not earn money from the wealth of training and nutrition knowledge you have built up.

You could not only make a career out of doing this, but you could also change people's lives. Use your social media profiles as a hub of client testimonials. Start posting photos of people you have helped. To begin with, start by doing it for free for friends or family. Build up a portfolio of people you have helped until you can put a value on your services.

Build a website to polish your brand

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Finding it hard to put all your content onto social media? Want to make your brand look even more professional? Then build a website! Building a website allows you to publish more and more content and draw in visitors. If you have a good enough following then you are already almost guaranteed website traffic. You could earn a little by having ads on your website, but an ever increasingly popular thing to do is have a 'members area'. This is where your followers can pay a small monthly fee and have access to your knowledge. For that fee, you could provide members with in depth and inspiring content, workouts, videos, Q&A's etc. This is something we have done a lot and it seems to work very well. Although It does take some commitment on your part to ensure that you are posting regularly enough for paying members to justify the cost.

Write an eBook

Your followers will be aware of your fantastic knowledge in fitness, why else would they follow? You post good information but how much can you fit in an Instagram post? How much can you fit in a tweet? Not all that much!

If you have enough information stored up in your graymatter then put it in a book. Hire a graphic designer to make that books looks fantastic and then promote it to your loyal followers.


Social media is a fantastic way to network. Just look at the girls that started #GirlGains as an example, they all met on Instagram. Post regularly and start conversations with people posting about the topics that you are interested in and you never know who you may meet. With more people you know, more opportunities will come your way.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas as to how you could turn your passion of fitness into a career by using social media. Until next time!

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