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Do you find that some of your personal training clients struggle with confidence when starting out their fitness journey? Try getting your clients to partner up for personal training sessions, there are lots of benefits to this which will be explained in further details below.

Training becomes more fun

When your clients train with somebody else, it becomes a much more sociable experience. Your clients will feel more relaxed and it will allow them to have more fun during their workouts. The more fun they have, the more likely they are to stick to the plan and reach their goals!

Confidence to try new exercises

Studies have shown that working within a support environment gives people more confidence to try new new challenges. If you struggle to get your less confident clients to try something a little more advance, try getting them to bring a friend - you may find that they'll be more inclined to try something new.

Pushing themselves further

When your personal training clients trains with a friend, there will be some friendly competitiveness there. This will make them want to push themselves more and more, without the need for you to keep pushing them. I think you'll agree that one of the most frustrating things about being a personal trainer is clients that aren't willing to put in 100% effort. Eliminate this frustration by letting your clients be a little bit competitive against their partner. Maybe you could capitalise on it by making it a friendly competition between the partners?

More likely to stick to a plan

When all the above points are combined, training becomes more enjoyable. One of the first hurdles for a beginner to learn is how to enjoy keeping fit. Losing interest and not enjoying training is the most popular way for somebody not to achieve their full potential. Let your clients bring a friend and see how much more enjoyable it can be for them.

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