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It's much easier to retain current personal training clients than it is to get new ones. The majority of customers will leave a business because of poor customer service so it is essential that you give your customer the attention they deserve.

You should develop a way to keep track of your clients, ideally using some kind of system or spreadsheet which is kept backed up and readily available. Note down what they like, their details, their interests and keep this backed up. It is always handy to have something to refer back to before a sessions, especially if you're juggling a lot of clients at one time.

It's always good practise to keep a history of clients along with notes on that client. If an old client returns, you will have all the information you need to get started and also all the information you need to start building a great relationship with them.

I'd recommend using a spreadsheet to track your clients or if you would prefer an electronic system you could try our very own personal trainer tool, Lift Network. Lift Network stores a history of your clients in an easy to use and organised database. You also get the option to add notes against your client to refer back to, see their progress and communicate with them all in one place. We are currently offering free trials to Lift Network with no long contracts or credit cards needed, so why not give it a try and start tracking your personal training business more effectively?

By tracking personal training clients, I don't just mean their weight, stats and measurements. I mean their characteristics, likes and dislikes. Get to know them and make a backup of the knowledge that you build up. The key to any successful business, including personal training is relationships.

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